What to write?

What to write?

It’s a question I face every day and, strangely, it never gets any easier to find an answer.

If you are writing an informative, newsy blog, research is the key. Keep on top of the latest news reports for that sector and something of interest is bound to pop up.

If you are writing content for a new website, drill down into the site plan and identify the purpose of each page. That will give you a focus for the text.

And if you are writing a thoughtful feature article, stop and look about you. Ideas for articles can be found everywhere, and will hit you at the oddest times. I find it useful to jot these ideas down in a notebook, in case I forget them.

Fundamentally though, make sure you write something that your target market will want to read.

You might be desperate to market your latest widget, but if you constantly blog about it your readers are going to up-sticks and leave. A more subtle approach is required, providing information that potential widget buyers will be interested in, with the very occasional mention of your own fantastic product.

What about you? Have you any tips for finding things to write about?

(This blog was first posted in 2013 on an earlier version of this website)

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