Getting it out there

You may not have noticed, but I have a new website. I’m quite proud of it. So proud in fact that I had to hold myself back from making it live straight away, just so people could see what I had done.

I’m glad I didn’t. It would have been a big mistake.

Check and check again

Publishing too early is a common problem in content creation.

Sometimes it’s down to a lack of time. Sometimes you just don’t care. And sometimes you are so excited by the brilliance of your own work that you need to show it off instantly. Whatever the reason, it is very easy to fall into the trap of ‘that’ll do, let’s just get it out there’.

But the chances are that if you put your masterpiece to one side for a day, or even an hour, you’ll find a few mistakes when you check it again. They’ll leap out at you. And those few mistakes could make the difference between impressing a potential client and losing their interest altogether.

Take the time

It’s not simply about getting the spelling and formatting right. To create quality content you must make sure that it reads well – and is targeted and thoughtful too.  You’re selling yourself, after all. And you wouldn’t go to a meeting without brushing your hair, or with egg on your tie. Would you?

Would you?

A fresh pair of eyes

So pay attention to the detail. Read your text out loud. And if you can, get someone else to read it through as well. A fresh pair of eyes will see a lot more than you can.

Which reminds me: fancy checking over a new website, anyone…?

2 thoughts on “Getting it out there

  1. Jeremy SCUSE says:

    Ohhh how true.
    Similarly I want an email program that, when I press send, has a pop up which says “Really? I mean have you thought this through carefully?”. It would then refuse to send the email for 5 minutes and then represent it for checking and sending.

    Mind you if everyone did that I would lose half my customers.

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