Blogging: why bother?

“I’m too busy!”

That’s my favourite excuse for not blogging. Closely followed by: “I’m just going to wait until my new website is up and running” and “I can’t do it now – I need to walk the dog.”

But I have my new website, the dog will always need to be walked, and sometimes you just have to make time, even if you are busy.

At the end of the day, a business blog is one of the simplest forms of marketing, and perfect for a small business like mine:

  • blogs allow you to demonstrate expertise or thought leadership
  • they have the ability to reach a far larger audience than you would normally be able to target
  • link your blog to your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, and your audience will grow even more
  • blogs reach out to people, and allow them to reach back to you, commenting on your posts. You don’t get that sort of feedback from the average newsletter article
  • unlike a newsletter, your blog posts don’t disappear into a deleted items folder after reading. Instead they remain online, and available, until you decide to get rid of them
  • search engines love active blogs – they are full of fresh content. Put some effort into your blog and your search engine rankings will rise, and so will your chances of being phoned up by a potential client
  • if you can’t afford the expense of a website, a blog offers a low-cost alternative

I’ve seen the difference that an active blog can make for clients but, just like the cobbler whose children go barefoot, I have never got round to blogging for myself.

I’ve no excuse now… Do you?

(This post was first published in 2012, on an earlier version of this website)

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